Simply Classical

Simply Classical, released March 2009, is 15 pieces that will take you on a journey of time. I hope you enjoy your trip.

A Tale of Time was composed ten years ago. It tells a story in a melodic way; a story of time, of love, hope and peace. This piece is dedicated to my late father John W. Barr (The Guitar Man).

Here are samples from the Simply Classical CD.

  A Londonderry Air

  A Tale of Time

  If I Fell



Purchase price for the CD is $20.

Here is a full track listing of the songs on the Simply Classical CD.

  1. Snowflight - Andrew York
  2. Sherry's Waltz - Andrew York
  3. Romanza - Spanish origin (composer unknown)
  4. Maracatu (Brazilian Folk Tune) - Isaias Savio
  5. Modinha (Brazilian Folk Tune ) - Isaias Savio
  6. If I Fell - John Lennon and Paul McCartney
  7. Aria - Joh. Anton Logy
  8. Sarabande - Joh. Anton Logy
  9. Romance - Francesco Molina
  10. The Leaving of Liverpool - Traditional
  11. St. Patrick's Day In the Morning - Traditional
  12. A Londonerry Air - Traditional
  13. Largrima - Francisco Tarrega
  14. Morning Has Broken - Traditional
  15. A Tale of Time - Bonita B Strickland